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Started in 2017 by Dan Cruikshank in the back room of SpokeNGear bike shop, Cedaero in an overflow of our love of the trail and the bike. Starting out as a three person operation, it quickly grew into a team of adventurers, nomads, bike nerds, and gear junkies making the best bags we can.

Our packs are built and designed right here in our shop along the shore and tested to the limit on the trails right in our backyard.

If you’re in the area, come hang out: grab a cup of coffee, swing by the bike shop, and talk shop with us, check out the ever expanding trail networks, and explore our beautiful shores.

While you’re here, check out our sister companies: Cedar Coffee and SpokeNGear Cyclery.

The name CEDAERO is a portmanteau of cedar and aerodynamic, reflecting our passion for nature and love of science and technology.




Braze-ons & PatternSmith-ing

Technology is weird, eh? Like, you can take a photo of a bike, email it to us, and you can track your pack back to your house. What a time to be alive!! But seriously, that’s how it works. Take a clean shot from the side of your bike and we’ll fit a bag to it. The future is now.


Waste Not Robot

Using a bit of fancy robo-techno-magic from the 90s and some good ol’ elbow grease we go the extra mile to use every last bit of material we can to minimize waste. It also lets us turn custom patterns faster than just about anyone.


The CEDAERO Difference

Designed and built with pride here in Two Harbors, we make everything with USA made materials. Perfect fit frame packs, unstoppable zippers, and bombproof construction, our packs are designed to last and keep your gear happy.

Meet the team:


Dan Cruikshank

The man with the plan.
And the experience.

Old man bike power.



Justin Anderson


Josi McMorrow

Mauris egestas at nibh nec finibus. Donec eget risus diam. Suspendisse nec congue purus.
“Can I just keep that faux latin filler?”
- Our beloved Mathlete.


Karl Mesedahl

Pack designer extraordinaire. All around manager of pandemonium. Hammspacking connoisseur. Spends time outside of work corralling an 80lb mutt. In-house-retrogrouch.


Tracy Obermuller


Josh Kowaleski

Brand ambassador & dealer relations.
Ellie’s dad. Manager of chaos, unwitting retrogrouch-in-training.



Devan Burnett

Sauna advocate, trash panda, and aspiring hermit. Lives fast and loose in the slow lane. Not here for a good time, just a long time. Resident sewing expert. Speaks enough Russian to be dangerous, but not a threat to national security.


Amethyst Harle-Heim



Official door greeter and part time brand ambassador for SpokeNGear and CEDAERO. Trails, high-fives, and peanut-butter.